Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And we were swept off of our feets.

(Picture Courtesy of cooper.smith on Flickr)

The Dodgers beat the Phillies today in a 15-9 victory. Who were those guys in Dodger uniforms I saw tonight? Were those champions I saw? Well, I won't get too ahead of myself here, but tonight's game was incredibly exciting. The Dodgers offense was out of this world. The way they performed tonight is the way that they really need to perform in the remaining games because these kind of victories are the ones we need.

Jay Gibbons had his first MLB home run tonight in nearly three years. Andre Ethier, a.k.a. Captain Clutch; Dr. Dre, had a great night. He went 4 for 4 with a walk and was hit by a pitch (and luckily not hurt by it). Kemp came off the bench as a pinch hitter and got a hit. Loney and Blake also chipped in with the RBI's, Casey Blake with a two-run homer. Podsednik and Theriot got themselves on base a few times and George Sherrill had his first ever Major League at bat in the seven years he's been playing. He was walked.

What an incredible game to watch and it resulted in a big win. It's hard to believe that this is the team we were swept by in the postseason of 2009.

In other news, Rafael Furcal has now landed on the disabled list because of his recurring problems with his back. He didn't want to be there and fought it, but in the end, it is probably best for him.

So who is coming up? We know it's not Chin Lung Hu. And according to a few sources, it was said that Juan Castro was pulled from a game with the Isotopes after one at-bat. It is likely he will be coming up to backup Carroll, or perhaps play in the actual spot. Carroll has been doing a great job at SS, but I think it's best that we're bringing up Castro so that we have Carroll available to play another position just in case, you know?

Anyway, this win has made me happy. Like a little school girl.

But what was with that fight in Cincinnati? Epic. Slightly hilarious. Human. A link is needed, no? Here: [link]


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