Sunday, August 15, 2010


What. How is this possible? Did this really happen? Or am I just dreaming? If I am dreaming, I hope I dream of this forever. I know it's just one win and the Padres lost today and there's no reason to be overly excited about it, but, you know, it doesn't feel too bad for once and I can actually smile today.

I honestly can't say much about the game since I only got to watch a little bit of it. Maybe from now on I should only watch bits and pieces if they are winning. Maybe me watching the games are bad luck or something. Hahaha...I hope not. Because it's hard for me to not watch the games even when they are struggling really badly.

Oh, I know what I can talk about. Pitching. Ted Lilly. He is 3-0 with the Dodgers. I am really starting to like this guy. He is awesome. I heard a few pitchers came up after him so I'm not all too sure how that all went, but with Kuo as the closer I am happy once again. Broxton needs a freaking rest. A long, long, long, long, long, long, long rest. His pitches are too slow. Is something wrong with his arm? What happened to his 100 mph fastball anyway?

Either way, Broxton can't screw over games for us anymore. Well, at least, for now. I wish Joe Torre would have woken up and done this sooner though. It could have cost us a lot less games.

Well, that is all for that. I will now share a personal story about what happened today because it's still kind of bothering me and I don't know. It might just be venting so forgive me in advance if I sound unintelligent or like I'm not making sense or something.

So I was going to go to a minor league game today to see the Jethawks (Astros affiliates) vs the 66ers (Dodgers affiliates) because Clear Channel Stadium is really close to where I live and I figured it would be cool to see some affiliates of the Dodgers play. I had gone there to see the Jethawks play um...Rawhide or something (D-backs affiliates) and it was really empty. So, since I just felt like going and seeing a game today, I figured I could just go and get a seat no problem without having to buy my ticket in advance.

Oh, boy, was I wrong.

The line of cars was so long and the line of people at the ticket booth went across the parking lot. I think Clear Channel Stadium was packed out tonight. Anyway, when I saw all that I just turned around and said forget it. I guess since Dodgers affiliates were playing they got a wayyy bigger crowd than to see the dinky D-backs affiliates play. Or maybe there was a promotional thing going on. Who knows? The point is that I didn't get to go to my freaking Single-A game today and I am quite unhappy about it still. But this wasn't the worst part.

I decided to go out to dinner with my family since I couldn't go see the game and so we were sitting there and my dad and I are talking baseball as usual. I mean, sports are probably the only interest that my dad and I share. Well, my sister comes out and says, "Don't you guys ever talk about anything other than baseball? There's a lot more to life you know." And...I don't know. That seriously sent me into a silent rage. I just stopped talking altogether. I couldn't open my mouth otherwise I would have just blurted out something nasty and rude and unlike my sister, I am considerate of others.

Maybe it seems petty of me, but I just couldn't believe she said that. My dad and I rarely talk. The only time we ever do talk or get along is when the game is on. And she basically just shit all over it. I mean, I can't help it that I don't give a crap about what she's talking about that I have to start up a conversation with my dad that I can actually relate to. She was talking about...I don't even know. Sea World or something or about her husband like every other dumb lovestruck girl. Basically, stuff I don't care about, you know?

Oh well. I just needed to vent about that. I feel a little better and from now on I'm just going to sit there and talk about baseball whenever she is around. I don't even care.

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