Sunday, August 8, 2010

Everyone's Skypin' now-a-days

So I "Skyped" for the first time ever with my friend Lilli/Lanaia from Canada last night. It can get a tiny bit awkward when your conversation goes to nothingness for a while, but we managed to stay on Skype for nearly eight hours. No sleep. Glorious. But it was fun. I met Lilli back in November of last year and ever since then we've become like real life friends. I can talk to her, laugh with her, confide in her, and not have to worry about her judging me for any of it. And honestly, who is she going to tell about my secrets?

Online friends are honestly a blessing a lot of times, save for the creepy predators, because strangely enough they can be ten times easier to connect with. You can tell them a secret, knowing that someone else around you won't know about it. You can ask them for advice, and know they won't judge you for your situation. Best of all, when you need to get away from everyday life, they're fun to talk to and laugh with.

I, sometimes, find it easier to be friends with people I know online, rather than in real life. Perhaps it's because I'm not constantly caught up in their personal lives and situations. Sure, I have online friends that will tell me of their situations, but it's not the same as being around it. It's sometimes better to talk to online friends, especially the ones who can cheer you up pretty easily, because most of the time they aren't sick and tired of talking to you or seeing you. Real life friends can get tired of you and not want to be around you and avoid hanging out with you, which can sometimes end in a big blowout. Trust me, I know.

There is something about having online friends that I just love. Lilli really accepts me. Even when I talk too much about baseball or American stuff, she still likes me for me. Same with my friend Risa. Plus I can be a total nerd with them and they won't care because they are total nerds back. A lot of times, there are the online friends that stick around for a long time, and the online friends that don't. But the ones that do sit there and tolerate you because for some reason they actually enjoy talking to your weird self, are definitely friends to keep.

Love you Lilli. Love you Risa. You two are always and forever going to be a couple of the best friends I've ever had.

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